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Hand crafted bespoke Resin Tables

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Hand Crafted. Custom Made.

With 36 years experience in cabinetry and furniture making, you will find the craftsmanship and attention to detail second to none.
These pieces of furniture are hand crafted in a process which takes weeks. Each one is an entirely unique piece of natures art, made of British hardwood and resin. A fully bespoke service is offered. Choose Colours, shades, effects, styles, shapes and  sizes. You can have as much or as little involvement in the design process as you wish, or just choose one of our pre-made tables from the gallery.

An investment piece of furniture for generations to come

Need some Inspiration?

We have some tables that are already made and are available for sale. We welcome bespoke orders so if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for then get in touch to personally discuss your requirements and get a no obligation quote.

Custom Made


A wide range of British hardwood species are used including (but not restricted to): Oak, Walnut, Elm, Yew, Cherry, Ash, London Plane, Maple, Poplar, Sweet Chestnut and Larch

Legs, bases & Frames

Choose between hand crafted wooden bases, legs and frames or opt from a wide range of fabricated table supports and legs in satin or brushed stainless steel. Alternatively choose steel box section supports and legs that can be decorated to any RAL colour finish.


The resin detailing is available in endless colours and effects using pearlescent, metallics, pigments, metal flakes or fillings, and diamond dust.


Tables can be enhances with LED lighting boxes mounted under the table tops which give a number of different effects from over 250 colour choices to pulsing light morphing through colours continuously. The subtlety of light can be governed by the density of colour and pigments/peralessence/metallics


Recent Projects


Sharp Resin Tables
Sharp Resin Tables
Sharp Resin Tables
We have a beautiful bespoke dining table made by John in a London Wood and a gorgeous ice blue resin. It looks like an aerial shot of tropical water with islands around. We have had various people in to the house and it is a real centre piece, everyone asks about it and wants to stand and stare at it! We are so delighted we are looking to commission more work from John and would highly recommend his services from the concept through to delivery.
Kerry Jones
Sharp Resin Tables
Sharp Resin Tables
Our table is beautiful and has totally changed our evening meal experience. The look of the table changes with the light, and the lights make the table look different as the outside light changes too.
Brian Swindley
Sharp Resin Tables
Sharp Resin Tables
Sharp Resin Tables
Purchasing a bespoke design piece of carpentry could be a very challenging exercise, but with John Sharp you have experience, deep knowledge and high end technical skill. He takes you on the journey that makes it easy to choose the right wood, the best colour scheme and a design that will suit your family home. At each part of the design, John checks in to discuss his observations of the wood, resin, base and even the lighting fit to ensure it meets the requirement. In summary, this is a special product that has very special care and attention by John – as we are, you would be delighted with the quality and workmanship of whatever John delivers for you
Mike Smart
Sharp Resin Tables
A few hours after a customer had his dining table installed ........
"I heard the kids arguing in the dining area. When I demanded to know what they were arguing about they said that they were talking about who would get the table when you and mum are dead."